Package focused on simple type check to node/javascript applications

Usage no npm install needed!

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A low-light package that can help you to test type and comparation on Node.JS/ CommonJS apps.


install from npm using

npm i node-type-check

Import using require()

const TypeCheck = require('node-type-check')

And check your Objects vs Types using a simples method

TypeChecker(<Object>, <Expected type>);

The result will be true or false

Package coverage

✓ passes values of Number type 
✓ passes values of String type 
✓ passes values of Boolean type 
✓ fitlers value if not Number 
✓ fitlers value if not String 
✓ fitlers value if not Boolean 
X handle objects 
✓ differntiates null from object 
X handles arrays 
X handles nested object 
X handles arbitrarily deep object 
X handles object spec inside of array 

Support and bug

Please, open a issue on GitHub

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