Utility for your node/frontend application

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Utility for your node JS application.

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Using npm

npm install node-utilify --save

Or directly on your browser, simply download your file from the following:

<script type="application/javascript" src="utilify.js"></script>
<script type="application/javascript" src="utilify.min.js"></script>

Recent features added in the library

  • Ajax: XHR wrapper for frontend.
  • EventManager: Custom event manager.

Some sample utility functions

const Utilify = require('node-utilify');
Utilify.isArray([]); // true
const httpStatusCodes = Utilify.EnumGenerator({505:'Internal Server Error',404: 'Not Found'});

console.log(httpStatusCodes[505]); // 'Internal Server Error'
console.log(httpStatusCodes['Internal Server Error']); // 505
console.log(Utilify.getCurrentEpochTime()); // 1605467433
const defaultsFnc = Utilify.defaultsGenerator({id:1,name:'Sidd'});
console.log(defaultsFnc({name:'JS'})); // {id:1,name:'JS'}
Utilify.CacheMgr.set('key1', 10);
console.log(Utilify.CacheMgr.get('key1')); // 10
console.log(Utilify.CacheMgr.get('key1')); // undefined'', {
    name: "paul rudd",
    movies: ["Role Models"]

Complete Documentation

Checkout for complete documentation or View Documentation online at

All Features:

  • Data type check functions.
  • Frontend XHR wrapper.
  • EnumGenerator, defaultsGenerator functions.
  • 0 Dependancy.

Help us expand:

Let me know in issues/github page or on email which javascript functions to include in next release. Check all the Contributors to this library.