Resolve Node.js version aliases like 'latest', 'lts' or 'erbium'

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Resolve Node.js version aliases like latest, lts or erbium.

Those aliases are used by Node.js version managers like nvm, nvs, n, nave, nodeenv or nodist.

This resolves them to a "major.minor.patch" version string. The following aliases are supported:

Normal version ranges (like 12.1.0, 12 or >=10) are valid inputs too.


import nodeVersionAlias from 'node-version-alias'

// Note: the following examples might be out-of-sync with the actual versions
console.log(await nodeVersionAlias('latest')) // 13.13.0
console.log(await nodeVersionAlias('lts')) // 12.16.2
console.log(await nodeVersionAlias('lts/erbium')) // 12.16.2
console.log(await nodeVersionAlias('erbium')) // 12.16.2
console.log(await nodeVersionAlias('lts/-2')) // 10.20.1

// Normal version ranges
console.log(await nodeVersionAlias('10.0.0')) // 10.0.0
console.log(await nodeVersionAlias('10')) // 10.20.1
console.log(await nodeVersionAlias('^10')) // 10.20.1
console.log(await nodeVersionAlias('>=10')) // 13.13.0

// Allowed options
await nodeVersionAlias('latest', {
  // Use a mirror for Node.js binaries
  mirror: '',
  // Do not cache the list of available Node.js versions
  fetch: true,


npm install node-version-alias

This package is an ES module and must be loaded using an import or import() statement, not require().


nodeVersionAlias(alias, options?)

alias: string
options: object?
Returns: Promise<string>

The return value resolves to a "major.minor.patch" version string.



Type: string

Base URL to fetch the list of available Node.js versions. Can be customized (for example

The following environment variables can also be used: NODE_MIRROR, NVM_NODEJS_ORG_MIRROR, N_NODE_MIRROR or NODIST_NODE_MIRROR.


Type: boolean
Default: undefined

The list of available Node.js versions is cached for one hour by default. If the fetch option is:

  • true: the cache will not be used
  • false: the cache will be used even if it's older than one hour

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