Check if the version of Node is greater than or equal to some version

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Check if the runtime Node version satisfies some version

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This module is meant to help out with running things only if the runtime version of node is greater than or equal a given version, such as 4.

The module exposes a binary called node-version-check, which takes a string to check against as an argument.

Example usage is for example to not run eslint>=3 on version of node less than 4.

"scripts": {
  "lint": "node-version-check \">=4\" && eslint . || node-version-check \"<4\""

It uses node-semver's satisfies under the hood, this allows you to check against any arbitrary version, such as exact (node-version-check '4.0.0') or minor (node-version-check '^4.0.0') etc..

Extra binaries

For convenience, a binary to check whether the node version is >=4 and <4 is also included.

"scripts": {
  "lint": "node-version-gte-4 && eslint . || echo Node version too old to run linting"

A bin with lt is also included to avoid having to handle the OR case.

"scripts": {
  "lint": "node-version-gte-4 && eslint . || node-version-lt-4"

There are also binaries for node@>=6 and node@<6 included.