Click effect insipired by Google Material Design

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Click effect inspired by Google's Material Design


Waves using Situs to generate documentation. Here are some steps to run documentation locally on your computer,

  1. Make sure Node.js and Ruby installed in your computer.
  2. Install SASS via RubyGems (gem install sass).
  3. Install Situs globally via npm (npm install situs -g).
  4. Clone Waves's Github repository, if you haven't already (git clone
  5. Run npm install to install the necessary local node packages.
  6. Install grunt globally with npm install -g grunt-cli.
  7. Run grunt to watch the directory, or simply grunt build to do a single build.
  8. Now just start Situs server (situs server), then visit http://localhost:4000/ on your browser.


Waves created by Alfiana Sibuea, and released under MIT license.

Copyright © 2014-2018 Alfiana E. Sibuea. All rights reserved.