Bindings generator for Node Addons given a WebIDL document

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Node WebIDL

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Bindings generator for Node Addons given a WebIDL document.


$ npm install --global node-webidl


Generate a Node Addon binding given a C header and annotated Web IDL.

$ webidl-bind [options] [files]


-V, --version print the version number
-o, --out-file <path> redirect generated output to a file
-h, --help print usage information

Binding to C

Given a C source implementation file, e.g. add.h:

float addition(float x, float y) {
  return x + y;

Write a Web IDL interface describing how to interop with Node, e.g. add.webidl:

interface Add {
  float add(float x, float y);

Generate bindings:

$ webidl-bind -o add.c add.webidl


BSD-3-Clause License

Copyright © 2020 Chance Snow. All rights reserved.