Node.js libcwiid asynchronous native bindings

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Node.js libcwiid bindings

Created by Tim Branyen @tbranyen
Modified by Andrew Brampton @TheBramp Modified by Dan Yocom

node-wii provides asynchronous native bindings to the libcwiid C API.

Building and installing


To run node-wii you need Node.js (>=v0.10.0), bluez, and libcwiid installed. To run unit tests you will need to have git installed and accessible from your PATH to fetch any vendor/ addons.

It is sufficient enough to rely on the system package manager to install libcwiid and bluez. Refer to your distros repository search to find the correct module names and installation procedure.

Linux (Ubuntu/Debian)

Ensure you have the dependancies installed

$ sudo apt-get install libbluetooth-dev libcwiid-dev
$ sudo npm install -g node-gyp

Install node-wii by cloning source from GitHub and use npm to build and install:

$ git clone git://
$ cd node-wii

$ npm -d install

A demo applicaton can be run like so:

$ node example/simple/server.js

Apple OS X/Windows via Cygwin

node-wii currently does not run on either Mac OS X or Windows machines. This is a problem with libcwiid. A future plan is to fork libcwiid and write support for at least Apple OS X.

API Example Usage

Connecting and enabling features


var wii = require("node-wii");
var wiimote = new wii.WiiMote();

// You may specify a mac address to your wiimote, or use 00:00:00:00:00
wiimote.connect("00:00:00:00:00", function(err) {
  if( err ) {
    console.log( 'Could not establish connection' );

  // Enable rumble

  // Turn on led"s 1 and 3
  wiimote.led(1, true);
  wiimote.led(3, true);

  // Turn off led 3
  wiimote.led(3, false);

  // Get IR Data;
  wiimote.on("ir", function(points) {
    for (var p in points)
      console.log("Point", p['x'], p['y'], p['size']);


  • connect
  • disconnect
  • accelerometer
  • button
  • ir
  • status

Release information

v0.0.8 (by danyocom):

  • Cleaned Up Readme File

v0.0.7 (by danyocom):

  • Disabled console debug output

v0.0.4 - v0.0.6 (by danyocom):

  • Renamed project to node-wii for publishing on
  • Fixed pacakge.json to point to the node-wii.js stub instead of erronusly trying to load the binary directly

v0.0.3 (by bramp):

  • Upgraded to support node 0.10.0
  • Change build system to node-gyp
  • Change event framework from EIO to UV

v0.0.2 (by bramp):

  • Added a new example using
  • Changed the use of cwiid to be truely async


  • Some useful methods implemented
  • Partial examples in example directory

Getting involved

If you find this project of interest, please document all issues and fork if you feel you can provide a patch.