node.pack =========

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Pack a bunch of installed NodeJS (and other self-contained) code packages into an archive for optimized batch provisioning in identical environments.

This means you take npm and other package registries out of the picture when deploying your code for the second time in an identical environment. It makes deployment much more resilient to failure and guarantees you are running IDENTICAL code every time.

node.pack empowers you to create multiple packs from the same installation so you can put infrequently changing third party packages into one pack and your own code into another pack.

node.pack also creates NodePACK build stream branches which have all submodule source code inlined and contain node.pack.json descriptors with pointers to packs for runtime installation.

Origin: This project stems from work I have been doing for sm.genesis and serves to validate the filename format and built package bundles for reliable runtime code distribution.


Format: <PackageName>~<PackageVersion>~<PackName>~<Platform>~<Architecture>~<Environment>~<PackAspect>.<FormatExtension>


  • Environment - Defaults to NodeJS-4 and can be set to describe a more specific compile environment