generate documentation for node.js by jsdoc and docfx

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An API documentation generator for JavaScript.
Using JSDoc to generate YAML files, using DocFX to generate site.

Installation and Usage

To install the latest version available on NPM:

npm install node2docfx

Create a node2docfx.json for your project:

  "source": {
    "include": ["main.js"]
  "package": "package.json",
  "readme": "/",
  "destination": "out"
  • source: determine what files Node2DocFX generates YAML for. It has exactly the same syntax with that in JSDoc.
  • package: specify the path of package.json. The package's name is used as part of the uid in generated YAML.
  • readme: specify the path of It will be copied to output along with generated YAML.
  • destination: specify the output folder. Run Node2DocFX locally
node node_modules/node2docfx/node2docfx.js node2docfx.json