Converting node.js application into a Debian package

Usage no npm install needed!

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Packaging node.js application into a .deb file

Use this script to prepare your node.js web application for deployment on Debian-based system (only Ubuntu is tested). You don't need any Debian tools for that, just the shell, tar and ar.


npm install nodeb-ondeck


From your project's root:


If all goes well, <project name>.deb file will be created.


-n don't include node_modules/, bower_components/ in the package
-o don't generate nginx config for insecure (http) server
-p <port to monitor> (default 80) 
-s generate nginx config for secure (https) server
-t copy templates to nodeb_templates/ for customization and exit
-u <user to run processes as> (default "node")
-v show generated files on stdout
-w <production website address>. If given, nginx config files will be created

What's included

The package will be installed in /opt.

Files for upstart, monit, logrotate, and optionally nginx are created.

If -s option is given, nginx configuration for https reverse proxy server is generated. Study the templates, or customize them using -t.