Plugin to easily place ads on your forum in different areas

Usage no npm install needed!

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NodeBB Google Adsense Plugin

NodeBB Google Adsense plugin is made to easily place ads on your forum in different areas.


npm install nodebb-plugin-adsense

Using custom template?

The plugin is made for a default NodeBB theme Persona. If you have a custom theme and want to display ads, make sure you have these classes in your page:

  1. .posts li - for displaying the ad after first post.
  2. .posts li .content - displaying the ad inside a post.
  3. content - ad on the header, before a content.

  4. footer - ad in the footer.


  1. After activating plugin, you will see a reference in admin panel left menu called "Google Adsense". Here you will need to enter your unique publisher ID (pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx). You can find your ID by following instructions here: ;
  2. Create new ad campaign on your Adsense account page. It is recommended to select "Responsive ad unit" ad;
  3. Then on this page you will see ID of your created campaign. Simply copy this number to any of available ad slots in plugin's settings page to enable it;
  4. That's all. I am sure your users will be happy to see ads ;)


Example screenshot