NodeBB plugin to send emails via an SMTP service

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This plugin was a fork from nodebb-plugin-emailer-local

NodeBB plugin for sending emails via SMTP services and ssl only

"nodemailer": "1.3.0", "nodemailer-smtp-transport": "0.1.13",


  • First install the package from the NPM repository
npm install nodebb-plugin-emailer-ssl-smtp
  • Then enable the plugin in NodeBB's Admin Control Panel in the Plugins tab.
  • Restart NodeBB


  • Open NodeBB's Admin Control Panel
  • Click on the Emailer (SMTP) item in the Plugins section
  • Set hostname, port, user name and password fields
  • Click on Settings and set the desired address to use on the Email tab.

Features to add

DKIM signatures
Popular services (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)