Adds a simple mathematical problem to the registration process.

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nodebb compatibility

This plugin adds a captcha to the registration process for new users to solve. It displays a simple calculation that the users has to enter in an input box. The question is retrieved via web sockets. Initially a honeypot calculation before the web socket calculation is downloaded will be presented.

This is probably not a good captcha for frequently visited websites. Consider using other captcha solutions like nodebb-plugin-spam-be-gone. The math captcha might be more user friendly but provides less security against spam bots.

If the nodebb-plugin-prometheus plugin is installed and activated, this plugin will deliver additional metrics.

Name Type Labels Help
nodebb_plugin_math_captcha_created_total counter Total created captcha
nodebb_plugin_math_captcha_submitted_total counter solution Total submitted captcha (solution is either correct, invalid_session, not_a_number, wrong, honeypot or empty)