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Quickstart Plugin for NodeBB

A starter kit for quickly creating NodeBB plugins. Comes with a pre-setup LESS file, server side JS script with an action:app.load hook, and a client-side script. Most plugins need at least one of the above, so this ought to save you some time. For a full list of hooks have a look at our wiki page, and for more information about creating plugins please visit our documentation portal.

Fork this or copy it, and using your favourite text editor find and replace all instances of nodebb-plugin-quickstart with nodebb-plugin-your-plugins-name. Change the author's name in the LICENSE and package.json files.

Hello World

Really simple, just edit static/lib/main.js and paste in console.log('hello world');, and that's it!


npm install nodebb-plugin-quickstart


Don't forget to add screenshots!