NodeBB Google SSO

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NodeBB Google SSO

NodeBB Plugin that allows users to login/register via their Google account.


npm install nodebb-plugin-sso-google


  1. Create a New Project via the API Console
  2. From the "Credentials" page, create a new "OAuth Client ID".
    • The "Application Type" is "Web application"
    • "Authorized Javascript origins" can be left empty
    • The "Authorised Redirect URI" is your NodeBB's URL with /auth/google/callback appended to it.
      • When you enter this value into the text field, be sure to hit Enter to submit the URL before saving
  3. You will be shown a screen containing your Client ID and Client Secret. Paste those two values into this plugin's configuration page.
  4. Save, rebuild your NodeBB assets (./nodebb build), and restart your NodeBB.