A NodeBB plugin to embed a simple button to RSVP in a post

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  import nodebbPluginWhoisin from '';



Who is in? -- A simple RSVP plugin for NodeBB

Usage Examples

To use this plugin in a post just insert [whoisin] anywhere in a post. Here are some other examples of using the shortcode:

    [whoisin title=(Will you attend this event?) iamin=(Yes I will!)]
    [whoisin iamin=(I'm down!)]

The shortcode will be replaced by a simple list which users can add themselves to, or remove themselves.

Current Features

  • One whoisin widget per post
  • Abbility to add and remove yourself
  • Allows custom title and button name in shortcode
  • Automatically subscribe user to the current topic

If you have a feature request please feel free to open an issue.


NodeBB v0.6.0 or higher