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Organize your Node project like a pro. Now supports a Microservice mode!

Right out of the gate N.B. gets a [metric] ton of boilerplate taken care of: microservice-style setup, clustering, Docker-support, database migrations, automated testing, error-handling, modularity, advanced logging, templated views, environments – you name it. And all of that without having to deal with a heavy or an opinionated framework!

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If you like Nodebootstrap, also check out: Microservices Workspace project to see how you can orchestrate multilingual (polyglot) microservices setup as a holistic and simple development environment.


  # create a skeleton of a containerized microservice:
  > nodebootstrap ms-first
  # create a skeleton of an express MVC webapp:
  > nodebootstrap -m webapp nodeapp-first
  # create a skeleton of a console or client Node application
  > nodebootstrap -m cli client-first