Nodejs hot reload

Usage no npm install needed!

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Node.js hot reload

Fast node.js hot-reload library. 🚀🚀

  • library is little wrapper around parcel library for enabling hot-reload for nodejs projects.


npm i nodejs-hot-reload or yarn add nodejs-hot-reload


  1. add this script to package.json
  • for .js
  "scripts": {
    "watch":"npx nodejs-hot-reload entry=./src/app.js outDir=./build"
  • or for .ts
  "scripts": {
    "watch":"npx nodejs-hot-reload entry=./src/app.ts outDir=./build"
  1. run script npm run watch or yarn watch

  2. That's it. 🤗

  • You can use it as global module as well. But I recommend to use it locally. npm i -g nodejs-hot-reload.

Available flags

Name Use Description default
entry entry=./index.js Entry file ./scr/index.js
inspect inspect enable inspect. More here. false
outDir outDir=./build output directory for build ./build
outDir outDir=./build output directory for build ./build
cacheDir cacheDir=./cache cache direactory /cache
minify minify if minify false
bundleNodeModules bundleNodeModules if bundle node_modules false
scopeHoist scopeHoist Turn on experimental scope hoisting/tree shaking flag, for smaller production bundles. false
  • works with typescript / javascript as well
  • note this library dont include typchecking for typescript. Your IDE do it for you.

  • Be aware of using relative paths.. as this library bundles output to 1 file.