Hi guys. That's a node.js-based [MUD]( client.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Node.JS Mud Client

Hi guys. That's a node.js-based MUD client.

In old times, like 15 years ago people used Tintin++ and JMC to play MUDs and script things.

But Node.JS is a much better choice.

I wrote this tiny JS-scriptable MUD-client as a PoC in the memory of old MUDs:

  • Solace MUD which I played so long ago (now works at telnet://, current setup tested on it).
  • Dawn of Eternity (offline) where I was learning English writing Areas (nice ones, let me know if any other MUD wants them).

It can be used as a replacement of telnet or as a base of AI or toying with scripts, cause JavaScript is nice for it.

P.S. I do not plan to support/improve it. But you're free to fork & have that fun.