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Rails On Node: Opinionated Node.js Framework

Check out the API Documentation:

Stable Version 1.3.2


  • Node.js >= 8
  • Redis >= 4


  • Create a new multithread Node.js server with Pug templating with 8 threads (Ruby on Rails has 5 for their server's scalibity)
  • Setup your own database (any SQL database or MongoDB)
  • Generate new api controllers
  • Generate new api versions
  • Creates automatic API documentation for endpoints on creation with no extra configuration
  • Creates automatic unit tests for endpoints on creation with no extra configuration
  • Generate new pages with assets with a custom route with code splitting
  • Use serverside React or Vanilla JS (JQuery, etc.)

Coming Soon

  • Generate server side Angular 4 Application
  • Generate server side Vue Application


// brew install redis
// Must have redis running on default port 6379: redis-server
npm i -g rails-on-node
npm i -g sequelize-cli
npm i -g mongoose-model-cli
node-rails create <Your project>
node-rails setup-data-base <Your database type [sql *or* mongodb]>
node-rails new-api-controller users
node-rails new-page blogs '/blogs' // Add new route
npm install
npm run build:prod
npm start

CLI Documentation

// For all commands

// For a single command
node-rails <command-name> --help