Node.js module to take a screenshot

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Node Screen Capture

Part of Presentation Remote project. This module uses Java Screen Capture to capture screenshots.


This module is currently under heavy development and very unstable.


After loading module you can do this actions:

  • Capture a screenshot and save as file with .captureAndSave(width, height, format, file)
  • Capture a screenshot and get image as base64 string with .captureAndGetBase64(width, height, format).
  • Capture a screenshot and get file with standard output stream with .captureAndGetStream(width, height, format). (screenshot in the shape of string thet given from standard output stream).

You can use this values as format parameter in above methods.

  • IMAGE_FORMAT_PNG as PNG format
  • IMAGE_FORMAT_JPG as JPG format
  • IMAGE_FORMAT_GIF as GIF format

Changes (V 0.3.0)

  • Callback is removed from parameters of captureAndGetBase64 function
  • Empty output bux is fixed