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tpkg-builder, forked from: from gregjopa/node-tpkg-builder

The tpkg-builder node module is a build tool for deploying node apps with tpkg. This module standardizes common tpkg setup requirements like:

  • managing tpkg dependencies
  • managing log files with logrotate
  • assigning user account permissions
  • optional support for the node config module
  • optional support for newrelic

Getting Started

Use the tpkg-builder shell script to create a .tpkg file for your node.js project.

$ npm install tpkg-builder
$ touch tpkg.json
$ node_modules/.bin/tpkg-builder

Or use the tpkg-builder module programmatically. You can require the tpkg-builder module and use the async method to create a tpkg.

var tpkgBuilder = require('tpkg-builder');
var path = require('path');

var projectDir = path.join(__dirname, '../..');
var templatesDir = path.join(__dirname, '../../node_modules/tpkg-builder/lib/tpkg');, templatesDir, function (err) {
  if (err) console.error(err);
  console.log('task complete');

Tpkg Config File

Add a tpkg.json file to the root directory of your project. The follow fields are required:

  "account": {
    "maintainer": "",
    "runAsUser": "webuser",
    "runAsUserGroup": "rolewebusers"
  "build": {
    "appFolder": "app",
    "buildOutputDir": "tpkg_build"

You can optionally define the app version in the build.version property in the tpkg.json file. If the version is not defined in tpkg.json then it uses the version in the package.json file.

Config Options used from package.json

  "name": "example-js",
  "description": "example node.js project",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "main": "app/server.js",
  "engines": {
    "node": "0.10.36"

The node.js version number must be exact since it's used in the tpkg.yml file to install the node.js tpkg dependency.


Log messages from stdout and stderr are appended to a log file. The logrotate program is used to rotate logs and keep the last 30 log files.

/home/t/bin/node /home/t/example-js/app/index.js >> /home/t/example-js/log/example-js.log 2>&1 &

Overriding tpkg templates

All tpkg template files like postinstall and postremove can be overridden. To override any of these files create a new "tpkg" folder at the root of your project directory. Copy and paste the template files you would like to alter into this new tpkg directory. The template files are included in this module in lib/tpkg. The following files can be overridden:

  • crontab
  • logrotate.conf
  • postinstall
  • postremove
  • tpkg.yml