A NodeJS component used for Fiscal validation and its property value.

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A NodeJS component used for Fiscal validation and its property value.

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Getting started

Install the npm package:

npm install nodejs-weblineindia-fiscal-validation
yarn add nodejs-weblineindia-fiscal-validation


  • This component checks whether fiscal code is valid or not.
  • It also checks fiscal code property value if it valid or not.
  • Below Property value must be used as argument:
    • firstname
    • lastname
    • dob
    • gender
    • placeofbirth


Use fiscalValidation function to validate fiscal code and its property value:

const fiscal = require('nodejs-weblineindia-fiscal-validation')
import fiscal from 'nodejs-weblineindia-fiscal-validation'

Validate only Fiscal code

//check fiscal code
let isfiscalvalid = false
isfiscalvalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LSTFST94H15F205V') // true
isfiscalvalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LSTFST94H15F205F') // false
isfiscalvalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('') // false

Validate Firstname

//check Firstname
let isfirstnamevalid = false
isfirstnamevalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','firstname','fname') // true
isfirstnamevalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','firstname','name') // false
isfirstnamevalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','firstname','') // false
isfirstnamevalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z','firstname','name') // false
isfirstnamevalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','fname','name') // false
isfirstnamevalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','','fname') // false

Validate Lastname

//check Lastname
let islastnamevalid = false
islastnamevalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','lastname','lname') // true
islastnamevalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','lastname','fllname') // false
islastnamevalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','lastname','') // false
islastnamevalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z','lastname','fllname') // false
islastnamevalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','lname','fllname') // false
islastnamevalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','','lname') // false

Validate Date of Birth

//check Date of birth
let isdobvalid = false
isdobvalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','dob','1992-01-05') // true
isdobvalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','dob','1993-01-05') // false
isdobvalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','dob','') // false
isdobvalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z','dob','1993-01-05') // false
isdobvalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z','dateofbirth','1993-01-05') // false
isdobvalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','','1992-01-05') // false

Validate Gender

//check Gender
let isgendervalid = false
isgendervalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','gender','M') // true
isgendervalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','gender','F') // false
isgendervalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','gender','') // false
isgendervalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z1','gender','F') // false
isgendervalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','gen','F') // false
isgendervalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','','M') // false

Validate Place of birth

//check Place of birth
let isplaceofbirthvalid = false
isplaceofbirthvalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','placeofbirth','ROMANIA') // true
isplaceofbirthvalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','placeofbirth','ROMA') // false
isplaceofbirthvalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','placeofbirth','') // false
isplaceofbirthvalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z','placeofbirth','ROMANIA') // false
isplaceofbirthvalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z1','placeofbirth','ROMA') // false
isplaceofbirthvalid = fiscal.fiscalValidation('LNMFNM92A05Z129B','','ROMANIA') // false

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nodejs-weblineindia-fiscal-validation is inspired by @marketto/codice-fiscale-utils.




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