Bootstrap development with a simple structure for your node module or library

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Nodelib Scaffold

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A simple node module structure to bootstrap your library developement, without any framework. It includes all the tools you need for documentation and testing.


You will need Node.js installed.

To make the most out of this scaffold, you will also need to install the semantic release client globally as follow: npm install semantic-release-cli -g. In the root folder run semantic-release-cli setup and follow the instructions.

You can find more about semantic-release here.


To get the structure run git clone Install the dependencies by navigating to the root folder and running npm install.

Feel free to modify the structure according to your needs. Do not forget to replace all badges and links in the and package.json files with the links to your repository and badges.


The documentation uses JsDoc and Minami as the template theme. To generate the documentation run npm run generate-doc. You will find the documentation in the folder doc.


The tests are run using Mocha and Chai. To run the tests simply execute npm test in the root folder. The test coverage is calculated using Istanbul, a coverage report is generated in the folder coverage. The coverage can be uploaded to covercov.


Semantic release uses a specific format for git commits. This scaffold uses commitizen to guarantee the proper format. To make use of this feature simply run npm run commit instead of git commit.

You can find more about the git commit convention used here.

The tests are automatically run before commiting (to avoid unintentional breaking changes to be tracked) using ghooks.


This software is licensed under the ISC license