simple node logging utility with colored output and log level support

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Nodelog is a very small library which allows you to see colored log outut in the console and manage different log levels. In addition is every log message enhanced with a preefix, which contains a timestamp by default. If you activate it, then also the default console.log calls are handled by this library.


Supported LogLevels are:

  • debug (verbose output for analyzing the program flow)
  • info (nice to have informations for users of your source)
  • warn (as the name say, a warning)
  • error (a classical error/exception)

The default log level is warning

Configuration Properties

For the color management we use cli-color. You can define own colors or styles by setting the values on the constructor or via set Methods described later.

Constructor Settings

Here all supported constructor options with sampel data:

  level: 'all',
     debug: function(message) { return message;},
     info: clc.white,
     warn: clc.yellow
  prefix: function(logType) { return ' -->' + logType + ' -->'; }


We will provide a file called samples.js in our node_module folder.

Log all Messages form your sources:

var log = require("nodelog")({
    logLevel: 'all' //'debug' is also possible

//a debug output
log.debug('hello world');
//a error log
log.error('this is an error');

Log messages via console.log

Log all Messages form your sources:

var log = require("nodelog")({
    logLevel: 'debug'
}, true);

//debug output
log.debug('way one via log method');
console.log('way two via console.log');
//error log
log.error('error via log object')
console.error('error via console');

Change the Prefix

var log = require("nodelog")({
    logLevel: 'debug'
}, true);
log.setPrefix(function () {
    return 'sample';
console.log('this is a message via console.log');

The result is:

sample - this is a message via console.log

You can try it Online:

Known Issues

--no-color parameter is currently not supported