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Nodemill is a sophisticated node.js backend including CMS, API and web facility. Built on Express, Mongo/NEDB and Handlebars at the back-end and utilising Bootstrap and JQuery at the front end, Nodemill links it all together doing all the hard work for you. All you need to do is design your tables and APIs.


.. and 100% free.

Easy and quick

All you need is node.js installed, and you can have a functional user-based CMS in two minutes. Install the nodemill CLI system: npm install nodemill -g and then use to to create your node stack! It does about 95% of your coding for you.

Community addins

Go to to see what goodies can save you bags of time. Be a saint and upload your own fields and APIs to the community and share the love!

Find out more



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  • 1.0.36 officially live
  • 1.0.35 install new dependencies on update core
  • 1.0.34 bug fixes
  • 1.0.33 added nodemill install hook
  • 1.0.32 search facility (nodemill search), added nodemill migrate
  • 1.0.31 API publishing
  • 1.0.30 mongo support in initial setup
  • 1.0.28 add an initial user on setup
  • 1.0.27 help section complete