Node Needs NPM is a starter repo for building opensource nodejs modules.

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nodeneeds-npm is an out of the box node project which can be used to get started on building an NPM package with all the best development practicies.

The features baked in include:

  • Coding Standard (ES6, ESLint)
  • Testing Framework (Chai, Mocha & Sinon.JS)
  • Code Management (Git, Conventional Commits, Changelog)
  • Continuos Integration Support (Travis CI)


Chandra Shekar Chennamsetty

And of course nodeneeds itself is open source with a public repository on GitHub.


nodeneeds requires Node.js v8+ to run. You can fork/clone this project and customize it for your needs. We recommened using nodeneeds-cli, the command line tool to bootstrap a new npm bundle from this project. Use it to provide the details of your new npm package and let the cli prepare the project for you. Once your project ( lets call it mynodepackage ) is ready do the following:

Install the dependencies and devDependencies and start building your package.

$ cd mynodepackage
$ yarn
$ yarn lint
$ yarn test
$ yarn test:coverage
$ yarn build

To publish your package

$ yarn release


  • Update dependencies latest versions.



Free Software, Hell Yeah!