An experimental CodePen API

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An experimental CodePen API built with node

It's a simple api, currently with a limited support

What can nodepen do?

For now

  • Get user info
  • Get pen list (popular, picked, etc)
  • Get recent activity
  • Get pen data by URL or slug
  • Love pen's and comments
  • Post comments

Installation and usage

Installing with npm

$ npm install nodepen-api --save

Basic usage

var Nodepen = require('nodepen-api');

// Your username and the _codepen_session cookie.
// This is for now, until have a login function.
// If you don't pass arguments, then user is set to anon

var np = new Nodepen( String username, String cookie );


var np = new Nodepen('mallendeo', '_codepen_session=DA34B...');

Get user data

All functions returns a promise, so you have to use .then() to retrieve data

// get mallendeo's user data
var user = np.getUserData('mallendeo');

user.then(function(data) {
    // returns an object with user data

Get pen data

You can pass either a pen url, or a slug followed by the username

// np.getPenData('gwAFk', 'mallendeo');
// or
// np.getPenData('');

var pen = np.getPenData('gwAFk', 'mallendeo');

pen.then(function(data) {
    // returns an object with pen data

Get pens list

You cant retrieve pens by category/source e.g. 'popular', 'picked', 'showcase', etc. First argument is the source, this can be the following values


Second argument is the username, if it's null then it'll show public pens, otherwise will show your pens.

start and end values are optional, they set the initial page and the last page, if it's a large range it'll take longer to retrieve the list.

var list = np.getPensList('showcase', 'mallendeo').then(function(data) {

Get users recent activity

You can get other people activity (from rss), or your own private activity

var activity = np.getRecentActivity('chriscoyier');

activity.then(function(data) {

POST actions (require login)

Check login


Post a comment

penUrl (String)

comment (String)

np.postComment('', 'Ok Hi! sooo...')
  console.log('Comment posted!');

Love a comment

penSlug (String)

commentId (Number)

love (Boolean) true = like

np.loveComment('penslug', 1234, true)
  console.log('Comment loved!');

Love a pen

penId (Number) pen ID

loves (Number) from 0 to 3

np.lovePen(23452, 2)
  console.log('Pen loved!');


  • Make a login function that doesn't require a session cookie