web-based party playlist manager for nodeplayer

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Web-based party playlist manager for nodeplayer


  1. Enable the partyplay module after express, socketio and rest in core.json
  2. It is highly advicable to setup the plugin-verifymac module to prevent clients from tampering with song data
  3. Partyplay can be accessed from http(s)://yourdomain/partyplay or if you're using setAsRoot in the plugin-partyplay.json config file: http(s)://yourdomain
  4. Additionally, read the below notes on REST API paths

Custom REST API paths

The partyplay module adds the following custom REST API paths, make sure they are publicly accessible (they should be unless you've configured otherwise):

  • /api/partyplay/append - custom song queueing that only allows appending song to end of queue
  • /api/partyplay/vote - API path for song votes

Additionally, make sure the following REST API paths are publicly accessible (ie. if you have enabled the plugin-passport module, remove them from protectedPaths in the plugin-passport.json config file):

  • /search