Node plugin loader

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=== NodePlugs ===

Node plugin manager.


npm install nodeplugs


var Loader = require('nodeplugs').Loader;
var loader = Loader(options);


"path" - [string] Path to search plugins in. (defaults to "plugins")

"autorun"         - [bool] Enable or disable automatic function execution.
"autorunFunction" - [string] Name of function to automatically execute. (if autorun is true)
"autorunDelay"	  - [int] Time (in milliseconds) to delay execution (don't set or set to 0 for no delay)
"autorunParam"	  - [object] Object to pass as param to the autorun function.

"requiredVariables" - [Strings] List of required variables each plugin contain.
"requiredFunctions" - [Strings] List of required functions each plugin contain.	

"rename" - [Object] Rename KEY to VALUE when passing plugin back.


"loading" - Fired when Load is called.
"pluginsFound" - Fired when enumeration of plugins has finished, returns an array of filenames (of the plugins)
"pluginLoaded" - Fired when a plugin is loaded, returns a plugin.
"function"	   - Fired when a function is automatically run, returns the function name and the file name.


Read example/test.js