Meet a properties module that cares about the environment.

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Meet a properties module that cares about the environment.

Based loosely around the Java-library Constretto, this module lets you differentiate your configuration for different environments. Do you have different databases in your staging and production environments, perhaps? Then this is for you.

Want to get started?

npm install nodestretto --save


The library looks at the NODE_ENV environment variable in order to decide which property to return.

var config = require('nodestretto')('./path/to/properties.file');

var dbUrl = config.get('db.url');
var dbTimeout = config.getAsNumber('db.port');
var dbUseCache = config.getAsBoolean('db.useCache');

Property files

# This is how you would specify the db.url-property
# with two overrides - test and production


Open open source

If you want to help out, I'm not stingy about commit access. Send me a pull request if you want to help out, or just create an issue if it's not urgent.