NodeUp Podcast Transcriptions

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NodeUp Podcast Transcriptions

Community contributed transcriptions for NodeUp.


The main inspiration for starting to transcribe NodeUp came from a talk at NodeConf Summer Camp 2012 by @eranhammer where he asked the community to more actively share numbers. Well, actually, there's a ton of real-world experience and numbers discussed every week in NodeUp. Transcribing the shows will give everyone ready access to this data and enable us to share this information and even better index it for the Googles of the world.


Start with the issues, transcribe a show and submit a pull request. We'd love to add you to the NodeUp Transcribers Team.

What else?

Even if you aren't able to actively contribute to transcribing the podcasts, it would be enormously helpful to have you contribute suggestions on which of the backlog episodes to transcribe first. Submit an issue with the episode number and some information as to why you're excited to see the transcription. If the show's already listed, please +1 it and add your comments.

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Leaving a review on iTunes is also really helpful because it lets Apple know that this is a podcast that people care about and they'll maintain the listing.