NoFlo project linter

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NoFlo Project Linting tool

noflo-lint can be utilizer for finding and analyzing all dependencies of a NoFlo project. It uses a graph as the entry point and traverses its nodes and sub-graphs to find and check all components used.

Basic usage

You can run noflo-lint with the command line using the following:

$ noflo-lint <baseDir> <graphName>


The handling of the various NoFlo linting checks can be configured on three levels: ignore, warn, and error. Failing an error-level check will make the process exit with a non-zero exit code.

Currently the following checks are available:

  • description: Whether the component has a textual description
  • icon: Whether the component has an icon set
  • port_descriptions: Whether all ports have textual descriptions
  • wirepattern: Whether the component uses the WirePattern helper
  • process_api: Whether the component uses the Process API
  • asynccomponent: Whether the component uses the deprecated AsyncComponent API
  • legacy_api: Whether the component uses legacy NoFlo API (i.e. not WirePattern or Process API)


Additional checks can be added to the src/ file. Each "checker" receives a component instance to inspect. Another interesting area would be to inspect the connections in the graph. For example, detecting if there are unconnected required ports.