A collection of noise functions

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Javascript Noise Library

A speed-improved perlin and simplex noise algorithms for 2D. Based on example code by Stefan Gustavson ( Optimisations by Peter Eastman ( Better rank ordering method by Stefan Gustavson in 2012. Converted to Javascript by Joseph Gentle. Version 2012-03-09 This code was placed in the public domain by its original author, Stefan Gustavson. Version 2018-09-27 Converted into NPM module by William Siuhang (


Install by running npm install noise-library in terminal


Importing library for use import Noise from 'noise-library';

import Noise from 'noise-library';

var perlinValue2d = Noise.perlin2(x, y);
var perlinValue3d = Noise.perlin3(x, y, z);

// where x, y, z are the normalized coordinates of a WebGL object vertice

Library includes Perlin, Simplex and Seed noise