Nomade framework common factories

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A factory repository for patterns and processes that are common in Nomade's land.

Quick start

var factory = require('nomade-factory').get('package.module');
var result = factory(/* arguments */);
// or using the create function
var result = require('nomade-factory').create('package.module', /* arguments */);

Service package

Adapter factory

Used to define services using adapter pattern.

var definition = require('nomade-factory').create(
    'service.adapter', // the factory name
    container,         // a child container for this service
    {/* adapters */},  // service adapters definitions, indexed by ID
    {/* methods */}    // service methods definitions, indexed by name

Adapters definitions should look like this:

var adapters = {
    'adapter-id': {
        // construct method is an optional constructor returning an engine
        construct: function () { return engine; },
        // each service methods must be defined, this represent the engine (if defined)
        method1: function (parameter) { return this.doSomething(parameter); }

Methods definitions should look like this:

var methods = {
    // all service methods are defined here
    'method-name': {
        // the minimal definition is the name of the method
        method1: {},
        // you can define a resolve method to intercept and resolve parameters
        method2: { resolve: function (param1, param2) { return [param1, param2 || 'default']; }