A NodeJS mumble client

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NoodleJS - A NodeJS Mumble client

NoodleJS is in a very early stage of development. So don't expect much of it. This client is based on Node-Mumble, but with the sort-like implementation of Gumble. I felt that Node-Mumble wasn't satisfying my needs so I decided to create my own client. The purpose of this client is most likely for creating bots.

Feel free to checkout both repositories as they are both great to use!

So whats working

  • Receiving text messages
  • Sending a message to a user
  • Handling user events

Basic setup

var NoodleJS = require('noodle-js');

var client = NoodleJS.newClient({
    url: 'mymumbleserver.domain',
    name: 'NoodleJS'

More info

For more info check the wiki

For a full example check the examples in the repository.