a cli tool that can be used to make boilerplates for express and hapi

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Noods CLI

A CLI tool that helps the development of projects made by the Codesignate Noodle Squad

What's the Noods CLI for? The Noods CLI was created to fasten the development process when making a project. The Noods CLI includes the following features:

  • Boilerplates for PHP, Node.js, Python
  • Sublime Code Snippets (In future)

How to use the Noods CLI?

Just simply type this command:

npm install -g noods


noods init express first-proj

What are the commands available in the Noods CLI? Currently, the Noods CLI only have the init function which has a parameter like this:

noods init [boilerplate name] [project name]

Where the [boilerplate_name] is the boilerplate (ex. express, hapi, yii, etc.) you want (this will fetch the boilerplates made by the Codesignate Noodle Squad Architects). The [project name] signifies the folder name to be created by Noods CLI where the boilerplate will be placed.

How to contribute

Kindly approach Paul and Selmer for formal briefing...