High quality, well tested, lightweight object oriented toolset for Node.js

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Robust, well tested, lightweight object oriented toolset for Node.js.


$ npm install noot --save


NOOT is not a framework, it is a toolset designed to help developers starting projects with a common base of modules.

Recent news

NOOT@0.6.x has just been released and contains a bunch a new modules, such as :

  • NOOT.API : a tastypie like, storage agnostic APIs and resources manager
  • NOOT.Enum : simple module to deal with enumerations
  • NOOT.HTTP : enumeration of existing HTTP codes to make their usage more human friendly
  • NOOT.Mixin : a simple implementation of mixins behavior
  • NOOT.Mixins : namespace to contain various useful mixins
  • Lot of new utils and

Production usage

All modules except NOOT.API are fully tested can be used in production. We're in the process of testing and improving the APIs module in our own systems and won't recommend it to be used before we are absolutely happy with the implementation.



var NOOT = require('noot')(dependencies);

Requiring multiple NOOT modules

// Require NOOT modules using an array of strings
var NOOT = require('noot')(['core-object', 'url', 'logger', 'configurator']);

// Require NOOT modules using a list of strings
var NOOT = require('noot')('core-object', 'url', 'logger', 'configurator');

// Require NOOT modules using a mix of strings and arrays
var NOOT = require('noot')('core-object', ['url', ['logger']], 'configurator');

// All three previous methods will give you the exact same result, and attach to NOOT your desired modules :

Naming convention

NOOT provides classes and namespaces, and uses PascalCase convention. However, you can require NOOT modules using dasherized or camelCased names.

// is equivalent to
// is equivalent to

Useful methods

In addition to modules, NOOT also provides several useful methods such as custom typeOf, jQuery's style makeArray...

var NOOT = require('noot')();

NOOT.isString('foo'); // true
NOOT.isNone(undefined); // true
NOOT.isEmpty([]); // true
NOOT.isEmpty({}); // true
NOOT.makeReadOnly({}, 'foo', 'bar');


  • Install yuidocjs globally
  • cd to NOOT's directory
  • Run yuidoc --server
  • Go to localhost:3000