Native module for the or-tools TSP / VRP solvers

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NodeJS bindings for or-tools Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) and Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) solvers.

See for documentation.

Solving TSP and VRP problems always starts out with having a m x m cost matrix for all pairwise routes between all locations. We recommend using the Mapbox Directions Matrix service when optimizing travel times.


Quick Start

npm install node_or_tools
var ortools = require('node_or_tools')

var VRP = new ortools.VRP(solverOpts);

VRP.Solve(searchOpts, function (err, solution) {
  // ..

See for interface documentation and the example for a small self-contained example.

We ship pre-built native binaries (for Node.js LTS 4 and 6 on Linux and macOS). You will need a compatible C++ stdlib, see below if you encounter issues. Building from source is supported via the --build-from-source flag.

Ubuntu 16.04

You're fine. The system's stdlib is recent enough.

Ubuntu 14.04

apt install software-properties-common
add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test
apt update
apt install libstdc++-5-dev


npm test

Building - Undefined Symbols

If your C++ compiler and stdlib are quite recent they will default to a new ABI. Mason packages are still built against an old ABI. If you see undefined symbols errors force the stdlib to use the old ABI by setting:


and re-build the project.


  • Push commit with [publish binary] on master
  • Wait for Travis to build and publish binaries, check the AWS bucket if in doubt
  • Tag the release git tag vx.y.z -a on master, git push origin vx.y.z
  • Then npm login, npm publish to npm
  • Make Github Release for tag


Routing Interfaces

More or-tools


Node bindings


Copyright © 2017 Mapbox

Distributed under the MIT License (MIT).