Node.js Performance Observer - Sampler module

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notare-monitor -- Node.js observer

Extracted from the notare module, notare-sampler provides a simple way of firing an event at a given HZ (ticks per second).

(essentially it's a just a timer that fires an approximate given number of times per second)


const { Sampler } = require('notare-sampler');

const sampler = new Sampler({
  hz: 2,
  onSample() {


Constructor: Sampler([options])

Create a new 'Sampler object.

  • options (object)
    • hz: (number) An integer between 1 and 1000 that specifies the number of samples per second the Monitor should generate. The higher this number, the greater the performance impact the Monitor will have. The default is 2.
  • onSample: (function) The function that is invoked.