Run `ng serve` but hook into its output to show toast notifications for events

Usage no npm install needed!

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CLI notifier

Small project that wraps around CLI commands to capture their output and when encountering certain situations show a notification about the event.

Started as a project specific to angular-cli, but evolved quite a bit since then. Out-of-the-box support for ember-cli and create-react-app is coming soon.


For now:

  • clone the project
  • run yarn install (or npm install if you really have to :laughing:)
  • run tsc && npm install -g && npm link


Run noti-cli <cli params for the cli command defined in your noti-cli.config file> in your working project folder.

When you have multiple configurations in your directory tree, set the first parameter of noti-cli to cli:cli_name to load noti-cli.cli_name.json as a configuration file (e.g. noti-cli cli:ng ... will load the configuration from either from your current working directory tree, or as a last try, from the noti-cli directory).

noti-cli will automatically run the cli command defined in the configuration file and pass onto it all the parameters you supplied noti-cli except for the cli:... parameter, if present.