Pure JS Notification Class

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  import notificationCs from '';


notification-cs is an easy to use pure javascript notification module.

Object Properties

The following are a list of all properties that can be passed to the notification module:

  • type (optional): NotificationType.SUCCESS, NotificationType.INFO, NotificationType.WARNING, or NotificationType.DANGER - defaults to NotificationType.INFO if not passed
  • title (optional): A String - defaults to null if not passed
  • subTitle (optional): A String - defaults to null of not passed
  • message (required): A String
  • timeout (optional): An Integer - defaults to 5000 if not passed - timeout value cannot be lower than 5000.

Notification Type's

The following are a list of existing notification types:

  • NotificationType.SUCCESS - Green Notification
  • NotificationType.INFO - Blue Notification
  • NotificationType.WARNING - Orange Notification
  • NotificationType.DANGER - Red Notification

Example Call

The following is an example of how to call a notification.

import { Notification, NotificationType } = from 'notification-cs';

    "type"    : NotificationType.INFO,
    "title"   : "Title",
    "subTitle": "Sub Title",
    "message" : "I am a random message"