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notification-service-sdk-prodio is an node js client for the prodio-notification-service API. Integrate in to any application to send emails, sms, and push app notifications to both mobile phones and web browsers.


This project is started with an aim to reduce implementing and re-architecting common product features/requirements like notification service & thus increasing productivity and more focus on business goals. Goal of this service is to bundle and provide common features related to notification services like sending emails, sms, notifications to users, notification logs and history, events and templates creation for easier integration with web and mobile Apps.


  • Register users and store all user tokens
  • Send emails ( sendInBlue )
  • Template types ( email, sms and app notification )
  • Link templates with events
  • Send Push notifications by triggering events


  • Clone this repository on your server git clone
  • Navigate to your repo cd prodio-notification-service
  • Install dependencies npm install
  • Start service node . or npm start or node server/server.js
  • Open http://localhost:3000/explorer/ in your browser
  • If you've pm2 installed then use this pm2 start server/server.js --name="NOTIFICATION_SERVICE"


prodio-notification-service uses loopback as the core framework for developing API's, so all customisations, configurations, middlewares, events, and db connectors can be used which you would have used in loopback.


$ npm install notification-service-sdk-prodio--save


Require the notification-service-sdk-prodio module and initialize the notificationSdk client, passing your base_url as the first argument.

 var  notificationSdk = require('notification-service-sdk-prodio');
 var notificationModule = new notificationSdk('YOUR_BASE_URL');


Sdk module provides a easy and fast way to build notifications in the product.Examples like New Member added to a team, Someone messaged you, one of your friends liked your post, etc are events. Keeping event-driven architecture in mind this service works or reacts to events, which integration with others services easier. You can trigger emails, or send notifications in response to an event.

This application will run as a separate micro-service independent of your product services which makes it easier to implement, debug and test.


createUser: method will Register the User in database for the BASE_URL initialized with and with provided user_id and payload of meta_info i.e basic details of the user will register the user in Database.


Prop Type Description
user_id string unique Identity Id of the user created
email_address string Email address of the user created.
user_name string Name of the user created
Event_Name string Event name for creating events for triggering notifications related to events.


    var  notificationSdk = require('notification-service-sdk-prodio');
    var notificationModule = new notificationSdk('YOUR_BASE_URL');
        //create user in notification module
        const meta_info = {
        const  payload = {

        let  createUser = notificationModule.createUser(payload);