The core notifications panel for notifications

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README Notifications Panel

Note This module is no longer being developed – its functionality has been rolled into Calypso. This module should no longer be used.

This repository contains the React component which displays notifications and provides for management of those notifications.

<NotificationsPanel { ...{
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The following sections describe what is required in order to locally develop this application.

Authentication domain

When developing the app locally we need to fake its base URL because of the way that user authentication works. The OAuth application will only respond to a select number of domain origins. Thus the following line will need to exist in your local /etc/hosts file. The app will be served at this address when running the development server. notifications.localhost


After setting up the local domain mapping install the application with the following sequence of commands:

git clone
cd notifications-panel
npm install


With the code and dependent libraries installed run the development server with the following command:

npm start

After it boots up load the entry at notifications.localhost:8888 in your browser.