customization for noto tools to merge non CJK noto fonts with latin character and prepare fonts files to be used by a pdf generator such as pdfMake

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Missing characters in pdfs when you try to display text in Noto Fonts with different languages?

This is by design in noto fonts. Noto Tools already provides a way to merge fonts but this package is designed to streamline the process to generate the font files needed for pdfs without dropping characters.

In noto fonts latin characters are separated out from downloadable .ttf files for non latin language sets. Specifically when using a tool like pdfmake we need to merge latin character sets with other languages to properly see latin (including english and number) characters.


Clone repository locally or install:

  • Locally

      npm install
  • As npm module

      npm install --save-dev nototools-pdf-fonts
    • Then run npm install within nototools-pdf-fonts module directory

On Mac OS X, install dependencies with homebrew

brew install --with-cairo harfbuzz cairo pango pygtk imagemagick

Install python dependencies in directory,

pip install -r requirements.txt

Installing using 'editable' mode is recommended:

pip install -e .

Download fonts from noto fonts

Merge fonts using - modify as needed(add downloaded font files to merge or skip this step to use already merged fonts provided in merged_fonts directory for the next step):

python3 -d dir_to_notofonts_to_merge

note that .otf files from CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) cannot be merged and instead should be built directly to base64 using the CJK font files found in the merged_fonts directory which has been conveniently provided by Kaigen Fonts. Additional font weights can be supplied to this tool from there.

Convert merged fonts to base64 using this tool:

  • As a cloned repo

      npx gulp buildFonts 
  • As a npm module from root level of package.json

      npx gulp --cwd 'directory_to_nototools-pdf-fonts_module' buildFonts

Find built files of base64 in build directory of nototools-pdf-fonts module.