A Tasty Git Client

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Nougit is a tasty git client that runs in your web browser! Who says sweet can't be low-calorie? Weighing in at a mere 5mb uncompressed, it is a lean solution for managing your Git repositories both locally and remotely.


Be sure that you have configured your global git user name and email, otherwise the setup will fail. See for more information.

You can install the latest stable release via Node Package Manager:

$ npm install nougit

Or you can live on the edge and install the latest and greatest with Git:

$ git clone

Since Nougit fills two different roles (acting as a local client or a remote server), it is important to know which role you need it to fill.

So, where is your Nougit installation going to live?


As a workstation client, Nougit manages your repositories by default in your home directory under ./nougitrepos. This is configurable by cracking open config.json after running Nougit for the first time. When you are ready to get started, navigate to the directory in your terminal where you have installed Nougit and run:

node nougit/app.js

Nougit will do some quick configuration and setup and when it is finished it will listen on port 8080.


As a server, Nougit manages your repositories internally, inside ./public/repositories. This allows workstations to clone/push/pull the repos over HTTP without requiring additional authentication. This is not secure if your server is public. Nougit is intended for internal networks - not public websites.

Note that when installing with Git, you must remove the .git directory if you intend on running Nougit as a server. This is because Nougit manages your repositories internally in this mode.

To run Nougit in server mode:

$ node nougit/app.js server


Nougit was written to be a specific solution by one developer for him and his team. Want to make it right for you and your team? Please do! Pull requests are always welcome!


Nougit 0.5 by Gordon Hall (
Released under MIT license.