noVNC core files for using with node

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import novncCore from '';


This is the result of running the following command on noVNC:

./utils/use_require.js --as commonjs

Updates are automatically published weekly (as necessary, when my computer is on) using noVNC-core-autopublish.


To install:

$ npm install --save novnc-core

To use:

import RFB from 'novnc-core'

try {
  var rfb = new RFB(document.getElementById('noVNC-canvas'), url);
} catch (exc) {
    console.log('Unable to create RFB client -- ' + exc, 'error');

/* Listen for updates by attaching event listeners for the following events:
 * connect
 * disconnect
 * credentialsrequired
 * securityfailure
 * clipboard
 * bell
 * desktopname
 * capabilities

// Full documentation can be found at


See LICENSE.txt for a full accounting of the licensing of the core files. Assume that this repository/package is Copyright (C) 2017-2018 Larry Price under the Mozilla Public License 2.0, but the code itself retains the copyrights listed in the original repository (and LICENSE.txt file).

Version History

  • v0.1.0
    • Maps to noVNC/noVNC a5c366b834cbeb8e89406e0374e2a0903cedfbe8
  • v0.1.1
    • Maps to noVNC/noVNC 55b459b47961e2ca2eb125408a1ddc60d0251457
  • v0.2.0
    • Maps to noVNC/noVNC 35dd3c2299b3e13e2b57a2a34be723fb01014ee3
  • v0.2.1
    • Modify v0.2.0 to remove let keyword
  • v0.2.2
    • Maps to noVNC/noVNC 18439b0680811f175e39ce381d0faa138f868d3c
  • 0.3.0
    • Maps to noVNC/noVNC 1.1.0