Tabtab handler for now-cli

Usage no npm install needed!

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Tabtab completion handler for now-cli.



npm install now-completions -g
now-completions install

Then choose the SHELL for which you want to enable the completions for.

Supported commands

Fow now, only a subset of commands have "intelligent" completion:

  • now (the top level command)
  • ls | list
  • log | logs
  • inspect

Some commands (such as ls, inspect and logs) make use of now API to get back namely the list of deployments.

Make sure that now who you are by running now login once before completing with these commands.

It indeed uses the token stored in auth.json. You can check how by looking at lib/request.js and lib/auth.js files.

Next commands

Pretty much all commands, with a bit more work. If you feel like a command is missing or would like to enhance an existing one, PRs are welcome and appreciated!