A library to couple two objects.

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A library for coupling two objects together. This is useful for nested pattern matching.

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Documentation can be found in the docs directory. Installation instructions for Node and the Browser can be found below.


You should use NPM to install this for Node using npm install npm-couple and then use requirejs to require require('npm-couple').


You should use Bower to install this for the Browser using bower install couple and then use requirejs to require bower_components/couple/build/export.


You may contribute to this project via issues and pull requests, however, please see the file before doing so.

Getting Started

  1. Fork the repository.
  2. Clone your forked version of the repository.
  3. Change the code.
  4. Run npm install.
  5. Run gulp.
  6. Repeat from Step 3 or continue to step 7.
  7. Commit and push your changes to Github.
  8. Create a pull request on Github (ensuring that you follow the guidelines).

Directory Structure

This library has been built using primarily CoffeeScript and all of the source is contained within the src directory, and all of the testing for the library is contained within the specs directory.

Build Process

Gulp is being used to run the build process ( You should try to ensure that the default task runs without any errors before submitting a pull request by running gulp.