Incremental npm install with downgrade support.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Incremental npm install with downgrade support.

This script is a much faster alternative to npm install when you want to keep your node_modules folder up to date.

It will upgrade/downgrade all modules in dependencies and devDependencies that do not satisfy the semver spec. This also works for git dependencies that are tagged with the version number like so:



npm install -g npm-fast-sync


Just run npm-fast-sync and this script will take care of the rest!

cd ~/my/node/project

Technical details

  • The script will first run npm prune to clean out unused dependencies.
  • For each dependency in dependencies and devDependencies, it will evaluate if the installed version satisfies the spec.
  • All the unsatisfied dependencies are collected together with their specs into a single npm install command. For example if the no-op and lodash modules need updating: npm install no-op@1.0.0 lodash@^3.0.0.